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music014 "Neutral Hero"

a jazz piano short impression , hard funky bass and drums.

music 020 "Incapable Seat"

a fantasy music sketch. electronic beats.

music021 "Madder Replication"

music018 "Bad Resolution"

music 030 "Superior Commission"

a short music sketch, electronic , experimental.

music017 "Rusty Scene"

a music sketch, jazz, sax, bass and drums
the power and the glory


Because it is a vision, it is always beautiful.
Memories are always lies.


The night comes again.
A different person. At the same time. At the same time. A different person.

music06 "Popular Ring"

a short music impression, rock, like a samurai sward.

music07 "Friendly Hunt"

a electronic music. a small happiness.

music010 "Cool Tap"

Music012 "Humanistic Scene"

a music sketch in sentimental mood. but rhythm is hard and strong.

don't think

Do not think about the person who ordered. Who is the one who gives this order? The same person. When different. At the same time. A different person. Where, who, what. Do not think. Who is to compel?
Do not think.

don't move

Who did order it? I remember it. At the same time. A different person. When different. The same person. A different place. The same person.
same place. When different. The same person.


I was confident.
I had pride.


At the same time. A different person.
The same person. It is different.


And the night came,
Talk to the dark.


It was a legend. it disappeared. It is not important what is visible. Outside the frame, there is a legend.
There is a legend outside of time.

another dream

the same? Wrong? Where is it? Who are you? I do not know without asking for meaning. Are you seeking something that can not be done? Do you want it because it can not be exist? So it disappears.

after a dream

What happened? Did not anything happen? Everything passed. Mutate like Poe?
Where is the crow?


Do you feel the mind dreaming of?
I felt that I had a dream.

music04 "Conventional Man"

That is the mind.

That is the heart. Clouds flow, stay in my heart.
My heart dwells in the legendary dead tree.

music03 "Mindless Movement"

Like bebop.
However, the drum and base are EDM.
Power and joyful, a short impression.



a walker

In a calm

dancing by the fire

It was burning smell. It was burned thoughts. Memory gets burned. Memory smells. I hear a raindrop. The darkness deepens.


I felt something and started moving. Shout, stand up. To what?


no sound.
a test video.

in the dark

Is she the same person or a different person? I think in the dark. Me?

After the fight, Before the fight.

She has moved. She will move.
She does not move.

I can't move

I can not move.
It starts from here.
Is it a break or laziness?
I am alone.
The world is wide.
The possibilities are spreading to the fullest extent.
Let's walk. Let's move.
However, I keep sitting without moving.
I can not move.



There were memories of the party. There were memories of the festival.
Everything is over. Everything is in the past. I keep on sitting.
Who am I? Am I alone?