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My soul

What is it?
Experiment to capture.

The interests;

My interests of computer graphics is "fiction".
In other words,
"artificial" "unnatural" "inhuman".

A blog that deals with this requires a declaration appropriate for it.

So I raised "Buy my soul".

If I spare time making blogs, I would like to monetize.
However, I hate advertisements.
So, what should I do?
I thought that I would sell my soul.
What is my soul?
It is close to what synthesized this blog.
So, if you are interested in this blog, please purchase something named "My soul".

Few words

HTML specifications need to declare language type.
Pages declared in Japanese are limited to Japanese users. Since then it is boring, I declared it as English. As my hope, I want to express in various languages. I do not want to limit pages in language. I decided to use images and music. I decided to use less words.

Types of My Soul


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