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As an experiment Be surprised Pose and expression. There is only what is commonly pointed to there. But then, at that moment the emotions at that moment are commonplace, valuable things, special for that one moment. Emotions of surprise are commonplace, but surprising is always special, so it is surprising. Surprised with pleasure. It is a pleasant surprise. Is that pleasure a superficial thing, or is it from the bottom of my heart? In case of falsehood I forfeit because there is an obsession to be pleased. Why do you think you must please? There are many cases that you think about the feelings of that person. If you are not pleased your opponent feels bad. It is an amiable laugh, but if that person is pleased with it too, it may be a real pleasure. true Although the reunion was a surprise and it was a pleasant one, if the opponent did not show the expected response, I would not be able to withdraw pleasure and I would like the opponent to be more pleased, so I am disappointed In spi…

a dark dream

a dark night.
a dark place.
a dark mind.
and pop.

the wild

The Wild in the Far East The Wild West is The Wild East for Japanese. It is the fantasy from Western Movies, John Ford,Howard Hawks,Sergio Leone,and more. Akira Kurosawa’s movies, for example, “Yojinbo” “7 samurai”and…,These are under the influence “Stagecoach” “3 Bad man” and other great american western movies. The wild is the outside of the daily life. But,It is a break and desolate that Japanese spend the life as the workaholic in the modern age.The Far East is the wilderness in their minds. ​

on the road

They take shelter from the rain.

"Well, what shall we do in the future?"

In thought

In thought “I feel embarrassed … I feel angry … I give up … It is comical … Well, what shall I do?” It is such a scene. ​

A tree and blue sky and clouds

It changed. I am standing. I am stunned. I look back on what I was absorbed in. Has the time passed or was it lost? What happened and what was missing? What is left See one stubborn in the tree. See the strength. It survived. However, there is not one left. There is something to look at the tree. Lost things I think there should have been only one tree. And that staring thing must also have the feeling that one person was left alone. Where do they come from, and where are they going? The location of white clouds My mood naturally takes a cloud. It may be that he expects that he will be showing his way to come. Somewhere, the smell of rain drifts, I decide to start walking. It may have been a long time.
変わったのだ。 佇んでいる。呆然としている。何に夢中になっていたのか、と振り返る。時は過ぎたのか、失われたのか。何があり、何がなかったのか。 残されたもの 一本の樹に頑ななもを見る。強かさを見る。生き残ったのだ。しかし、残されたものは一つではない。その樹を見つめるものがある。 失われたもの 一本の樹だけがあったのではなかったはずだ、と思う。そして、その見つめるものも同じく一人残された気分を抱えているに違いない。何処から来たのだろうか、何処へ行こうとしているのだろうか。 白雲の行方 自ずと気分は雲に乗る。来し方行く末を示してれるのではないかと期待しているのかもしれない…

The sound of rain

June rain Morning She woke up with the sound of heavy rain, she looked out the window. The sight was completely transformed. She went outside. Noon She walked. Nobody is here. She gets tired and stops. ​


The time goes by


A breeze

after the rain A strange rain fell. It will clear up. A breeze blows. It is cool.

New relationship

New relationship Relationships are updated everyday. An old relationship is an illusion. What is the relationship that was updated today?
Pictures and words It is not fun to explain the picture with words. Technical commentary on painting is also not fun. When I think about this, I always get stuck in words. Is there something like pictures, words and new relationships? Like Ornette Coleman’s jazz.
Jazz It is not related to Ornette Coleman, but related to Wayne Shorter, but I felt like I found a new relationship so I will try to write a link.

Nouvelle Vague

Shadows and lightsA new mood.

Forgiveness and freedom. Like a new waveA new person came here.
Blowin 'in the wind.

A red day, By the sea


A dream within a dream

the strange rain

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