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As an experiment

Be surprised

Pose and expression. There is only what is commonly pointed to there. But then, at that moment the emotions at that moment are commonplace, valuable things, special for that one moment.
Emotions of surprise are commonplace, but surprising is always special, so it is surprising.

Surprised with pleasure.

It is a pleasant surprise. Is that pleasure a superficial thing, or is it from the bottom of my heart?

In case of falsehood

I forfeit because there is an obsession to be pleased. Why do you think you must please? There are many cases that you think about the feelings of that person. If you are not pleased your opponent feels bad. It is an amiable laugh, but if that person is pleased with it too, it may be a real pleasure.


Although the reunion was a surprise and it was a pleasant one, if the opponent did not show the expected response, I would not be able to withdraw pleasure and I would like the opponent to be more pleased, so I am disappointed In spite of that, I may hide it. Then, even if it is true, it may become a lie.

Always false and always true.

Emotions are always lies, they are always true. It is inconsistent, is not it such a thing to be established? Because emotions are always instantaneous, and every moment is always true, but when it thinks to capture it, it becomes a thing of the past, and it is different from the feelings of truth.

Pictures that capture people, their feelings.

The feelings of that person, felt from the painting that cut off the moment, can always be deceived as lies. Always interpret a moment later, we suppress and distort the past from the present as a story.

Words to break meaning.

If it is meaningful to put a word on a picture, is not it to liberate the movement of this emotion from interpretation about a moment? The interpretation is false. That one moment is spreading.

Words to add meaning.

But I also think. Originally, it should be included in the painting itself, its temporal nature, liquidity, distortion by interpreting the past from now on. In other words, should the viewer draw as much as possible to imagine.
It seems to disintegrate the meaning, but is actually just adding a boring interpretation? Pretend to have a plausible meaning.
History of words that gave meaning rather than commentary
Words are attached to haiku. Words are also attached to ukiyoe. Although it is commentary, there are also things that succeed in expanding the image of the picture. You should pay attention to these effects.


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