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A vermin

A vermin

Poisons come. That story has a fixed form. Is this only Japan? Many are talking based on facts. That is what I think, but it is typified like a liar. Manga depicting a panic by imaginary venom and the form of coverage for real venom insensitivity are too similar. So, I have doubts that fiction is lurking in venomous coverage.

Not naturally occurring.

There is nothing to be said that it suddenly appeared somewhere. There is no new discovery either. It is rare that it is from before. Is not the exception about a hornet? Many talks say that there are not enough venomous animals in this country to take away their lives.

Lurking in luggage from a foreign country.

I was able to prevent that insect from coming. It seems that the nuance that the insect breeds is lurking that its people are negligent. Because there are such countries that are filthy and negligent, such poisonous breeds breed. On the other hand, do not you want to say that this country where such insects are not breeding is wonderful? Lazy guys are troubling diligent people. It sounds like a metaphor of exoticism, nationalism. There is no doubt that someone who likes self-responsibility, is fussing around.

Coming from the South.

Poison comes from the North. Breed in the tropics. Naturally because it is an insect? Does not it use the tropical image? Even in old special effects movies, was not it “South” to discover today’s living things and plants? There is a notion that disasters come from the South.

I have a strong life force.

It has strength and size that is not comparable to conventional ones, that is, it has incredible life force. It has enough fertility to increase it incredibly quickly. Is it a reflection of the complex that this island country has since the arrival of the black ship? It seems like you can see the anxiety that the things coming from the outside are strong and stubborn, and if you do bad poor we will be destroyed.

I have enough poison to take my life

It is considered to be poisonous. But that does not mean that the country has been destroyed. However, when you come to this country, it is said that it will bring out a lost country. “Fighting people”, that is, public servants appear in Heroic and enlighten them.
The struggle is justified because it is toxic enough to take away his life. It is not told in terms of protection of diversity. The logic that it is only necessary to destroy it due to insect pests is justified, with the reason that the life of a good citizen is threatened.

Images affects reality

The image of deadly poison comes from a foreign country, comes from the south, has a strong life force, is linked to it, it sounds like being a metaphor for things that threaten peace in this country. If it feels good, that’s fine, but I thought that it was not intended to intentionally report that way and would have an effect on the external mood.


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