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Line news

Problems of net news. rumor. Power authority. diffusion. Those without original articles should not be named news sites. There are too many things that only distribute other articles. If the original comes out occasionally, there is no evidence of interview, something like a comment by a writer.

Uncomfortable sound.

Can not manage anything. What do you think? Noises are unacceptable. Noise, noise, psychology of those who emit it. Psychology of frustration with it.

How to abstract criticism

Specific writing may mention the copyright law. Defamation may also be asked. Therefore, abstraction is required as a method. A concrete way to abstract from there. What kind of process would you take if actually done? What kind of steps do you take?

Decomposing the facts again.

Even so, why is not it well converted? Is the Japanese input system bad, is my typing bad, is the keyboard difficult to use? The Japanese input system may force Japanese input method.

Household appliances discomfort.

Vacuum cleaner. That exhaust. Refrigerator noise. LED, creepy light. Unnatural light. Light that shines eyes. I fantasize that TV and PC monitors will destroy the brain with cruel light. A smartphone destroys an eyeball. Nevertheless, like drug addiction, use can not be stopped.

Car discomfort

Murderous intent. Murderous intent to run away. noise. Exhaust gas. Like the word “transport war”, how many people will be killed, will the automobile company be satisfied?

Human destruction to the industrial products.

What human beings make destroys humans. I hear that AI deprives people from work, attacks humans, but humans have always made something to kill humans. I have made something to attack humans. I am planning to attack others, but I have made something that could kill myself. I think that humans can make only such things.

Capitalism making men unhappy

The more you make things, the more human beings will be unhappy. You do not have to work, but you have to work. Although it is not necessary to make a profit, if you do not make a profit, you will not be able to live. If there is no reason for economic growth but there is no economic growth, it is assumed that the world will be destroyed. The enlarging financial system continues to claim its legitimacy. You should doubt whether the Nobel Prize really contributes to humanity. Were you not given a Peace Prize to “Murder Vigor”? Did not the economic award lend a hand to “Increase misfortune”?


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