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Disconnect and connect.

How to write

A method of dividing everyday life. Make a record. Abstract record. Record, implicit record that you write where you write concrete. Is it such a record, does that record have usefulness? Fragments, not synthesis. As a means to disassemble recognition.

I can not see the conclusion.

Questions and experiments on how to write and what to write.

Slide everyday.

Sliding everyday. Daily floating. Divide consciousness. Do not connect. That is no use, I thought. Even if it is different from fragmenting it into another framework, it is useless as fragments. I need a way to connect something. Is it the accidental method? Is that fascinating?

How to connect

Is there a key here? How to connect the retrieved elements. With tags, can fragments live as it is? In order to make use of this technique, it is necessary to reduce the amount of writing. The experiment of about 1000 characters will not be concluded as to whether it is valid or invalid without continuing for several months.

Should I also reflect on how to cut the landscape

There seems to be a problem in how to divide it. Rather, it means connection after division. After all, I write about the same thing.

Shoulder hurts.

As I thought, I write as I care. That Japanese conversion does not get along well. Would not it be nice? Often I often miss typing errors. Even so, my shoulder hurts.

Record that what you saw.

When, where, who, who, I shift the description. The reality that I have not seen anything. Perhaps it is only looking at the past. It may be living someone else ‘s dream. Anyway, Japanese conversion does not go well. The conversion disturbs consciousness. Consciousness is disturbed by noise. The time and consciousness to be cut. A dream called computer screen. The dream of TV. Dream of recognition. noise. reality.

Dream of capitalism.

Dream of economic activity. Network dreams of spinning. Illusion. Illusion of desire. A dream of others. A dream showed under the name of realization of desire. dream? Rather, it is illusion, should I say. Should I call it a lie? Taken into falsehood, I see uncanny dreams. That is a modern life. In order to be free from the dreams of others, there is no choice but to disassemble that lie which was comprehensive. Anyway, the Japanese input system is unstable. Is the usage bad, is the system bad? Is human being bad, is the computer bad?

It may be important to use a difficult Japanese input system.

It should not be transformed neatly. We must always interrupt work with misconversion. Suddenly, as noise begins to jump in. Cut the lie and you will see a glimpse of the truth. There may be truth in unpleasant things.


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