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To do writing extensions

approaching incoherent

Is it fun to write ordinary?

20,000 characters in half a month.

Simply calculate, 50 sheets of manuscript paper. Is it about 100 sheets in a month? It seems to be surprising and can not be written. Considering 1000 letters as thirty days, three thousand characters. If you go with this calculation, 60 sheets. After all, it is impression that it is few. I do not think that much is better, but I think that I can write more.
First of all it is a number. The writing here is flowing a little abstractly.

I recommend using air conditioners.

The technique of fragmenting daily life

I understood that this can be done. However, this alone will not do. What kind of things can you write every day? I want to aim for something more appealing. Push the method of picking up elements from everyday from different angles.
There is a limit to the technique of picking up news. You can write as much as you want, but what you think interesting is a different story. Do not forget that topics that attract people’s attention are more important than anything.
It seems plus that it has become possible to write Oita by the test so far.

Brain degeneration

I was in trouble because Ikea came out. It comes out with Nokia. I am worried about whether I can write something with this degenerate brain, but it is this world that I can not do anything if I can write it. Whatever you do or write, it will be a condition to write.
Write freely what you can think of
I will be more conscious of this. If you do not do writing as you think, new things will not come out. If you write it as you think, new things will not always come up.

Voice of cicadas

Flowers in the park

Westerly wind


Insider information. Secret confession. Peeping in peep. Is there any possibility of these methods? Concealment of information on one side. What is information published? What is information to be sold?

Qualitative change of news site.

It is said that qualitative changes in news sites are occurring in the United States. The content provider is changing. In Japan, there is no place to provide primary news except for newspaper companies and correspondents, but it seems to be different in the United States. In talking about changes in information provision via the Internet, we refer to overseas cases, and in exchange for Japan we see the speech of saying that this abroad is often only in the United States. I do not often see examples other than the USA. I wonder if this is all American center. Everything seems to be in English. I hear that the hegemonicism of the United States has ended, but I think that in the world of information and telecommunications, America still holds hegemony.

Is there anything that provides information value online?

Reporters Club system

Monopoly of information by government agencies

Confidentiality agreement

Information published has no value.

If we had tentatively thought like this, it would be just a dream to provide information on the net and create value.


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