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Review the method that relied on automatic translation.

Can not you write in English? First of all, it is impossible to write in English if we put together ideas in Japanese. It may be better than automatic translation because it will be a simple expression. When automatic translation is repeated, I realize that it is indeed funny English. Even if you write it yourself, it will be funny English, so automatic translation may be better off escaping responsibility.
An experiment of a stylist that I had forgotten before.
I forgot to mention the stylistic experiment. I also want to try this. I would rather manage the theme of writing something more fictional, writing something to enjoy.

Standard, beauty, self-consciousness, interests

Think about the four of those I wrote earlier. It might be a hint about what is interesting. Which of these do you think from? What about beauty ugliness? Standards and beauty. Beauty and interests.

Interest is outside at this time.

If so, it means healing, thinking, but with the idea of ​​what you can offer, it is only a merit of a certain record. Record that can be referred to as a document, record. It will be such a thing, even if it seems a bit strange. It may be of a type that requires an explanation of its merits.

If you concentrate on thinking from a picture


If you think about beauty, it will include self-consciousness and standards. Beauty, because it is Dostoevsky question. Flirt beauty. Beautiful thing to be deceived. Beauty as a target of desire. While writing abstractly, it leads to a concrete image. Is it also necessary to leave the picture once this week? This is to deepen the way of thinking rather than to make it public.

At first glance, is not it an entertainment thing abstract?

It is an entertainment to the last. As fun, you can see it soon. So, as the number of characters, around 1000 characters. And, although it is a word, it crosses the language barrier. Automatic translation compatibility.

Presenting incoherent words as they are

Memo As everyday, I will present what I wrote as it is. Write it conscious of showing. Cut it if you judge it can not be shown.

Beauty and desire

Is it interesting, just because I discussed this relationship? Present, not argue. Pick up the element. It would be hard to read with fragmentary words. How do you make it easier to read?

You also need to give an impact.

How to attract as a character? Will it also lead to ugliness? Is it beauty or ugliness? Comparison with other net sentences. Such sentences are preferred. There is a reality that I am accustomed to such sentences. Are you satisfied, unsatisfied, respectful, or disdainful?


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