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This is a very troublesome subject. People who like laughter are good at making them laugh, it is another story. There are also stories that the laughter of a person who is good at making people make you laugh can only laugh at certain groups. Even professional writers and entertainers who are good at making people laugh, there are also many cases where there will be no uke at all if the group changes (customers change, the country changes). Even in American movies, I love sophisticated coated comedies and screwball comedies, but there are comedies that I think are sometimes interesting, junior high school students do not appreciate.

But it is also “laugh” that many people are pleased.

To cry
Is it prejudice that it feels like it is common in all countries? If people with so-called psychopaths are not opponents, letting them cry, it seems easier than making it make you laugh. It would be nice if it could only empathize. It would be nice if you let your sympathy. However, this seems to be bad. Humans who try to make you cry may be psychopaths temperament. It might be a con artist.
When I think about it, collecting the story that can cry from the ancient to the west, again, it makes me feel bad.
I love Douglas · Sak’s melodrama, but it seems to get tired of just thinking about a story that makes you cry on the net, a bargain sale. It is a different story from Sirk’s melodrama.


I am trying to make you laugh, but it is saddened enough to make you cry, it makes me cry, it makes me laughing more comically. I think this is the best. That is, they are misaligned.
In many cases, if it is misplaced, it will simply be boring. In order not to do so, it can be thought that it is “truly imminent”. In other words, power. Will it become a false pretense if it shifts again here? There is true of false witness also in false witness … ….


I want to pick it up from my daily life. I want to pick up from the reality. Let’s break this time now. Disassemble. Do you want to sort it further, pick up the things you think, oddly, looking at the fragments glancely? Interpret?
Do not you need interpretation? I do not need synthesis either. It is good to disassemble. By being decomposed, it should be able to write as it is. Then, even if you do not intend to comprehend what you have written, even if you do not intend to interpret it, maybe it has a strange meaning.


Such a thing, there is something that comes up. It also decomposes. Make fragments just like everyday and draw the fragments as they are.

News report

Let’s add information added by this media to this. It also decomposes. Like everyday and memory, is it not interesting to splice the source so that something can not be discriminated and in this case to link together?


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