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Water the potted plants.

Straw hat. Towel on the neck. T - shirt. A short bread.

We are doing water with rain water dew to the potted plant that is decorated so as to be suspended over the street and hung. You can not check its expression from the position of yourself, nor the type of potted plant.

Laundry dried on the edge

Opened, there is no visible person in the window of the house. Suddenly I thought of doing something I saw as I thought, so I remembered the strange fun while I was writing. If you take such a scene as a photograph, problems such as privacy will come up, but if you just write in words like this, you can not even specify what you are pointing to. Words can make time, place, blurry. Meanwhile, the picture inevitably carves the time and place. Even if you want to kick out as far as possible outside the frame.

Gray hair, gray suit, black bag

I saw only that behind. The sign indicating the pedestrian road is blue, the flower beneath it is light cherry color, the gray hair past it, gray and black, and green that sways over there. What is that? There is a park beyond the green, red flowers are swaying, you can see the person sitting on the bench.

People who rest on the park bench

Bald. Glasses. Running shirt. The legs are spread gently, the back bends, and the belly comes out. It seemed to be steaming. I guess I just looked. It is not close enough to see even if it is steaming. There are no other people, there are dozens of pigeons, playing on the ground, you never seem to be looking at it. Or is he watching here? It is strange to write that baldness between bald people gazes at each other. I saw the alter ego, and further imagining it. White hair wearing a gray suit is also an alter ego, the bald sitting on the bench is also an alter ego, while spending the time expanding the strange fantasies further.

Bundled cardboard is placed at the entrance.

White car that jumps out without stopping as usual

Flying magazine

Children climbing the slope.

White hat, navy blue shorts, blue shirt.

Interrupting car. Light van, minivan.

Since it began to perform eco driving, it can be fucked and interrupted. More than half of the drivers are attempted murder. Do you finish your life indefinitely, or about once about you? Because the time to ride is short, it is done without any problems, I wonder if this human being occasionally rides an accident, it causes extra things. Is it strange that you moved at a speed that is too much, and you have finished safely. It may be that there is no reckless driving or safe driving. It may be a mysterious means of transporting cars, trains and airplanes safely. Is there anything that can not be said that there is nothing wrong with this world alone made up of magical things? Financial system and so on. From the beginnings of the Bank of Japan, government bonds and elementary school students’ economics, it is not unusual to think that it is okay and safe.


When I saw a TV report about cherry blossoms at the Tokyo Olympic Games, I was concerned about the word “flower” that appeared in it. I just came.


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