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If you are going to do a blog at all, I would like to monetize. I would like to think about how to make money by creating a blog.

I do not want ads

I do not dislike advertisements. I do not believe the traditional way of earning money with advertising. Those thinking the same way seemed to be quite well, and I saw articles in several books, sites etc. In such circumstances, I want to raise what I could sympathize most.

Because it became “Mobile First”

It seems that there are many users to the extent that you should consider using the net on smartphones first. On small screens of smartphones, traditional advertising methods are not adapted. Advertisement avoidance has become the default for smartphone browsers. It is said that net advertising income will decrease.

Mobile should be emphasized?

However, I think, though. How important is mobile to be? If you are major, you need to emphasize as advertising strategy, sales strategy, but if you are weak to target a niche world, ignore the mobile that may not be linked to consumer behavior on the net, maybe it will be a small number There may be hands to narrow down to PC users who may not. Even if it is a small number, it will not go away.
From here onwards, there are many imagination parts, but I think that mobile users do not try to go outside using only SNS. I do not say that everything is the case, it seems that those who had said that only e-mails and somehow use PCs, are using people who use the net only with smartphones. As a net user it is very conservative and will not try new things. It is unlikely that the possibility of conducting consumer behavior outside of major companies such as Amazon is low. Do not use things you do not know. Because the iPhone is the most mobile, everyone uses it.
People like smartphone users thought that they should not think about it at this time. Let’s basically target the layer to be used with tablet, PC.

No need for SEO

I also heard that the importance of Google search has declined with Mobile First and the rise of SNS. For this reason, it seems that it is said that the era of search optimization has ended.
However, it seems that Google search domination of PC users is still alive now. Still, is not SEO unnecessary? No, if you say it is unnecessary, it may be overstated. I am doing now, 1000 characters each day, I do not know if it is really effective, but I am coming from reading what I have written as a condition for a search hit, and I will do this By doing so, you may be able to find expressions, trying. In this sense, that is, in searching for a new blog expression, it is likely to use the conditions of SEO, but I do not think that it is necessary to search for a search hit.
(Interrupted) Below, heading only

Is there any consumption motive for those who flow in from search?

# Please give me money, but it seems to be unpleasant.

Tension born in money exchange


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