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Can you connect the words like a picture?

Characters and words have different characteristics. In other words, is it sound or heart? Move emotion, words with effect similar to painting, something in the same direction, simple thing is the word of that person. The word of the person gazing at the person, this method is often used in magazines. In photo collections, there are things that put photographic storyteller things in. It is not fun to talk about picture methodology. The back story has no meaning without authority.
Then what kind of words are there, is not it an act before or after? However, I feel like there is something to imagine. You must think of words that can make your imagination more effective. It is different from explaining what is not visible.

Concrete story? Sensationalism? Inferior curiosity inferior?

As a relaxation, make something that you can enjoy like a game. However, it is different from the game. It is a fun but it is different from a game. How is the game different from movies and novels? There is something the game is also said to be a story. There is a conflict. There are things that have thought. Still, the game and the movie are different. Games and novels are different. Sometimes novels are born from games. Sometimes movies are born from games.

What is the characteristic of the game as a game?

Hypothesis, absence of structure. The structure is entrusted to the player. Both movies and novels have a structure. Is there any impossibility of this hypothesis? Is not the absence of structure, but the fluidity of the structure? Or, the structure is indeterminate.

To establish entertainment of the anti-story

It is a person who comes up with it soon. That means a character. But the question is, what is the character? Does not a thing that makes a character be a story? I feel irritated by human beings such as characters and characters. However, I think that people are funny, I like, I dislike, there is no doubt that there is movement of the heart.
What moves people’s mind. Why are you interested in that person?

Interested relationship

That person brings benefits to himself or brings harm. This is not only about human beings. Do the same judgment on things. In a book dealing with the word consumer, business, it is not too much to say that it is written only about what brings benefits.


What is beautiful and what makes you ugly? Aside from that, people are interested on the idea of ​​being beautiful and ugly.

# Ideas, standards, ordinary.

Indifference is based on the idea that ordinary, standard, common. People are interested in departing from there. It seems not only that.


This is the standard. How to position myself. If you place importance on this, it will be persona marketing. However, self-consciousness is not a fixed one. There is also a problem that imagining others’ self-consciousness is nothing but self-consciousness. In other words, what others think is that they may be just my imagination.
Even though he said that he was conscious of others, he suspected that he might just fight with extended self-consciousness.


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