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What is a public word

Is not it a word to think of living? Is not it such a word that will help judgment in something? Rather than doing it against people, is not it a word you prepare for yourself to face problems you can not anticipate, or even anticipate from now on? I wonder if the word will come up now when abstracting the current problem of my own.
It may not be limited to words. It uses images, images, music and various means to face life.
Abstraction and concrete, reality and fantasies. Things that change day by day. Although it is a sincere thing, I think that it was useless if it was politely written. Just record it without fear of misspellings or misconversions. This is about your own soul. It is about the mind. From there, I believe that something useful for others will come out.
I feel that there is contrivance in the style for that.
To write every day is a diary. However, it is not an external record. It does not simply record events. First of all, I do not care what people think. Then, what kind of influence might be given to others is considered. Think about what kind of person thinks it is necessary. I would like to establish this process as commercial. It is not just beautiful but we must make people want to buy it.
Well, is it good to write such a thing? Suddenly, such a question arises. If I have time writing such things, I myself that I can write more concrete things.
Even so, Japanese conversion is bad feeling. Why does it sometimes change strange conversions? Is my Japanese bad? Chaotic writing style is necessary to reflect chaotic ideas. Those who are read may be annoying, but I’d like to devise measures that will not cause annoyance. Is not it necessary as a tool for facing conflicting problems that have not been concluded to make a slightly bad sentence?
While writing like this, here is the location of the experiment. I also think about the style that is not so. Immediately, from this point, I think to make it different style. It is difficult to read things around. It would be better if you could read it if possible. Even if it does not turn around, can not you think about it?
While writing like this, this will be iterative, but, as I write it, it gets roundabout, but as I wrote it, the phone entered and thought stopped. I thought you should leave the phone off. And I forgot what I was going to write. Oh, I remembered. It’s a problem with the script. Conversion breaks. As I am being drawn to that shake, the script becomes strange. The sense of unity of things such as how to use Chinese numerals, hiragana or kanji is lost. If you use something like Microsoft’s word, it points out instability of script. It may be that I got used to such things. I make mistakes when I try to judge myself. It is a future task.


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