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Records consciousness

Suddenly heard voice.

I got on the wind from the open window and I heard it. I understand only the voice, but I do not know what you are talking about. I hear only one person’s voice. There seems to be someone to talk with, but I can not hear the other party’s voice. Perhaps sometimes I talk about conversation sometimes.

Electric cutter noise echoes

I am planning to do construction forever. It is discordant. There is no help but irritating, sound is painful. If you say so, silence with earplugs, etc., the thought within the chest will become lively. Perhaps the consciousness is disturbed by outside noise may be just right.

Kobe’s murder case

Writing just like this seems like an old tale. I was concerned about the report yesterday. I felt like repetition.

Voice from school

Or is it a voice playing in the park? Is it football or baseball? Or is it a track race? Please pay attention to heat stroke, because you are going to do an event while TV broadcasting is done, please be aware. Impossibly, heat stroke comes out, bothersome emergency worker’s hands, what is the responsibility is, I think.

I tried voice input

It seems to be recorded monologues and does not match sex. It seems not to be recognized well without a microphone. There was rarely a case where speech is bad or recognition of endings did not work well.

Sound of garbage truck

Why does the garbage truck come around this time? While shedding city news and music, garbage trucks turn. What does it mean to spin from the afternoon? I noticed that today is a national holiday. Even so, it is lively. I do not need to make such a sound. Why do you insist on existence so far?

Style of blog.

Line breaks are noticeable line by line. There are many things that convey messages. It should be recorded as a blog, but in the meantime, what to record is rare. If you write a blog, I would like to write something that will be a daily record. Is it a diary?
Even if you write a diary, there is no way it can be written like Kafka or Kauai. Since it is open to the public, there are many cases that it is not possible to do daily records in detail.
In this way, there will be a world full of solitary words that can not bear foolishness. This is one of them.


I would like to hear someone talk about soliloquy, so it will be spoken. If there is no feeling that you want to hear, it can not even be words. Is it nothing other than wanting someone to ask that becoming a word? From that time that one thinks, it may be asking for others to hear.
People thought that I wanted to listen to the paper that I could not talk to what I knew, but I do not understand that it seems to me that the psychology of disclosing it inadvertently is unknown.
No, since the desire to open to the public is hidden from that time that some idea came up, it seems that someone who is wondering is crazy. Because you do not have to think if you do not want to know.


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