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I think that there was something that happened to others, but it is gone. I wish I could give up if that was all it was.
Anyway, I’ve been writing about it for a month. Have you been absent only for a day? Contents are scanty. I am at a loss what to write still. It is not a bad thing to take the process of buying information and putting it in 1000 characters each day, but I wonder if I can get enough quality to monetize. I myself think that if you form a community thing, some of you will come up with a counter-argument that it will be interesting for such things soon.
Initially I was conceived to more closely intertwine pictures and sentences, but pictures and words do not tie well. I also thought of something like a four-frame comic book, but this also does not advance. In this case, just thinking about what to write makes the day go dusk. I misunderstood that it would be better for professionals to learn things such as stories.
It is anti-professionalism. I do not like being plausible. And I believe that there must be someone who feels the same way somewhere to excite mind. If it seems that the number is small, I would like to try it as much as I can imagine. I think that motive is lurking behind.
While thinking, I emphasized writing. I think that the sentences with conclusion are boring. You should leave such things to professionals. You can leave it to the advertisement store.
Is it necessary for me to consider my sentences that way? What would you do if you did not need it? It is simple. You can change it to the required form. In a way that makes me excited.
The time has gone by just repeating such a back and forth. I also think that I want something a bit better. I want a format of being okay by my own. However, I think that it is different if I finish writing all the time.
Something like a school composition is sorry but I do not want to say that it is a friendly conversation style that is a fraudstringer. There is no talent for writing literary things, and if so, it would be better for you to go to the manuscript paper properly if you write. Either way, I am not interested and there is only reality that I can not write such as literature.
Think about the reality. I’d like to try to make something that this life can utilize about this life, what I can think about society, and what I can share that idea. The point is not that sort of thing. If you think about something, it must be shared. If you can not share it, there is something wrong with that idea.
I thought that blogging could be used for such a process.


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