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the face

Smile against the nightmare

Dreams of rich people dominate the world. It is a nightmare that seems to go on forever. A nightmare is called reality.

Abstracted time

Engrave reality. What is information? What is a useful word? Questions and meanings are lost. Disassemble time. Hack words.

To counter the reality

List the engraved words. The reality changes from concrete to abstract. The likelihood is lost. What is nothing but a dream becomes exposed.

chopped stuff

It dugs, dreams, dreams, its remnants, it is chopped, disassembled, these are resistant, scratches.


The wind carries. It disappears quickly. The expression floats. A drop drips. Sounds drift.

Remains of color incense

A piece of hope is rolling. Those that were asleep at the back of the nostrils dance.
Light drifts. Dust floats. I hear a laugh. Ridicule gets bigger.
The wind stops. Time stagnates. The present is lost. A call leads.


Will disappear. Thinking stops. Reason is lost.


The one that remained was desire. A shadow sought. Mukuro sought. Desire was dry. Still, it was not lost.


The sorrow of the old poet was able to get dirty, but now there is not enough mass to clean it. It is doubtful whether sorrow can be called sorrow. However, there is a faint thing to cuddle by the desolate desire. It looks sad.


A yellow moon rises. The moonlight illuminates the steel tower. The electric wire rises up. The motorcycle runs too fast.

# Emptiness

The sound of military aircraft arrives. An old book is held. Ancient words drift.


The grief rusts. A river flows. Life is over. Death comes to mind. The rain smells.

Give up

Dried desires get wet in the rain. I can see something invisible, I can not see what I can see. I hear something I can not hear, I can not hear what I can hear. The moon is absent.


The noise going to where else is repeated without being asked by anyone. The meaning lost goes away. A piece of hungry was left.


The remnants of the mean call. Somewhere not here, take away here. This is gone here. There is no earth. There is no sky.


If this place is not here, where is it? If there is neither the earth nor the sky, where is it? Perhaps, in someone’s dream.


So here is no freedom. I have no choice but to follow someone’s will. I have no choice but to live in the dreams of others. I feel disgusted at such a moment.

regained will

The fact that hatred is born means that the will has been regained. You may be able to regain your own dream. You may be able to see the outside of the nightmare.


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