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the fragments of the morning

Mess the garden.

It has turned its back on the street. Only little gray hair is impressive. Only was heading to the implantation, it may be what's not working to the had.

Fallen potted

Of the new house, brought the only without potted plants is organizing, it is casually arranged is provided. One of them had fallen. Perhaps because of strong southerly winds.


And are down the hill towards the west, the south wind is felt like a west wind. The voice of the cicada evoke dizziness.

Green garden

Green on both sides of the houses of the hill looming. History fluctuates. Down naturally, and, overlap cicada's voice. Repetition of about forgetting the words that were familiar.

Silver parasol

At the end Sakanoshitari, passing each other with people. I think really what was a man, and. Glasses and silver parasol impression Ginbuchi. Today is thick clouds. Slight blue sky to the north can be seen. Still parasol will necessary. My baldness is, I think so, summer day.

Red apron

Red made of vinyl apron has been followed by walking. Disappear emerged in the green of the park, and the remaining ones ....

Park red flower

Before long, it also disappeared in the back ...

Lilac flowers

It has withered middle. The name of the I even so much of the flower can be said. Inasmuch as, here is a proper noun is lost. Flower name is but I doubt whether a proper noun, disappear mood of vague hazy.

blue flower

Then, floating blue flowers. White car beside. It is parked with the engine running. Air conditioning is at stake. There are people in. It has been parked in front of the house in Fushin. I wonder are coming to work. The car has been parked also that before. There seems to be unmanned. There is no sound of the engine.

Black parasol

Also in the landscape Yuku only in the car, I got a black parasol. Waiting for a signal at the intersection of the first. Across the pedestrian crossing ....

Backpack of the old man in the white hat

As slide, so that float, it is flickering in the summer, ... and beyond

Orange jersey

Seem to trudge, the front,

Orange bus

Climb the hill. Subsequently,

Rouge color car

Silver car

Then, the signal is changed, to run my car.

Organization of garbage disposal location

Of garbage disposal location, opened a net of shade crow, it seems to organize the garbage, empty of Suteteko appearance. Bald head shines on the day of the summer. The light superimposed on me, too, the beginning down the hill climbed, or return to the only intersection, and came road bent to the contrary, where the exhausted of loosely loosely down the hill,

White car to interrupt

Madness of the driver is running. Whether the person to drive a car is crazy more or less. Because of a calm risking the lives of others.

Children with musical instrument

Column of children piggyback backpack.

Nursing home of car


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