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The rainbow in the night


Aspiration, imagination, passion, exiotisim, disobedience, Disillusionment, depression. Ego respect, self-empathy, emotional.
I cite these words from the definition of the dictionary. It seems that these are keywords of Romanticism.
I thought this picture as a romantic landscape. There is a rainbow, there are stars, there is a dense forest. It seems that it becomes romantic landscape by the disillusionment.
And, I wrote so far, I thought that I was over arranging the committee. It is not fun as a word. What is funny language?
Oh, I thought. These words are not at all romantic. These are argumentative. You should not have sympathy . I will write more passionate, more emotional. Ah, my words had to be argumentative. It is not good trend. Well then, I think. I will give myself up to spit out my thoughts obediently, but it does not go well well.
It is a pride, a sensitivity, a depression, a disillusionment, and when I look like this I get lascivious words. I do not like. Although I do not like it, the picture I made is quite romantic. I wrote it because I thought so, but it is interesting because I do not like sentences as I expected.


After all, is not it a symbol of a dream? Does not it compare the dream to that bridge that will take a little while it gets in the light after the rain? That dream appeared in a strange place. It is neither rain nor rising. There is no sun. A rainbow takes in the night. Because there is something that is impossible, after connecting with my dream, a word comes to me ah, a dream within a dream again.
Rainbow I could not exist even more than a rainbow that disappears fairly. In other words, it was a dream that even I could not imagine. I wonder if the words have become romantic for a while.


I wish upon a star. I wish for a dream that I had never imagined. Is it unconscious? I do not hear too much of Jung ‘s name these days.
The stars shine brightly. It is also used for the metaphor of those who gather attention, but it can not shine unless it is night, but it feels something symbolic. The star shines in the dark. It is quite plausible to write that the deep darkness in people’s heart requires stars.

Dreams of a dream I saw at the edge of the forest again

Forest symbolizes extraordinaryness. It is a dream to see through the town. It is a dream to see away from the crowd. It is a dream away from life. Still, getting out of town, leaving our daily lives is itself a dream, so it will be a dream within a dream again. I can not do anything, I’m frightened, trembled, exhausted, I can not even dream, and I dream to dream.
I wonder if it became a grief like Romanticism?



やはり、夢を象徴するのではないか。雨上がりに光を浴びて、さっと掛かるその橋を夢に喩えるものではないだろうか? その夢が奇妙な場所に現れた。雨も上がりでもない。太陽があるわけでもない。夜にかかる虹。ありえないものがあるから夢、と繋げてから、ああ、夢のまた夢、という言葉が浮かぶ。






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