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The Summer

Summer afternoon

Hot and was dizzy. Consciousness felt receding. Heat stroke of the might. I wonder was it walking much. I think that is not drink the water, he had repeatedly said. Even looking, even looking, there was no place where water is drinkable. Past the city, he went into the woods. Oh, cool, I felt. I thought and consciousness has returned. Dryness also disappeared. Suddenly I felt tired.

Call was heard.

I can not move anymore, and, he crouched down on the spot. I closed my eyes. Too is refreshing wind. I wonder and sleepiness was not able to visit. I think forever, was sitting forever. Landscape has flowed into the brain. There is no need to open your eyes. I feel the world. It has become one the world. I have gone in my, how far nor far, will dissolve in this world to spread. Oh, pleasant, and, it certainly should tears flow. At that time, I heard a voice.
Now, in this way, but I have been trying to remember for the voice, can not remember at all. Voice was heard, and only remembers, how it was something of man, whether it was that of a woman, I can not remember anything.
However, it was ordered, and has been found only that. Because, because I walked guided to the voice.

Wander in the old building.

It was the old stone building. Large, it was a big building. When entering, how far also continues corridor also far. Chilly wind comes blowing up from the direction of somewhere bottom. And wonder, there is no feel the mold and moisture. Anxiety also did not feel. That was ordered of voice, seemed like a matter of course. Toka fate, might have floated the words such as destiny.
By the time you have lost the notion of time completely, the door of the room was visible. It was a heavy door. It does not move easily. Together, or I tried many times. The If no choice does not work, and if we attempt to return the heel, the door was arbitrarily open. Did pressing the place to draw, in order to doubt there was with, was sure the door. Treatment did not look wrong to.
If you open the, not only enter.


Here 's crucial to its location, and I thought. Then, ask yourself. that place? But that's what location? 
The rooms are large, was distorted. So, whether square of the, or pentagon of the, or ellipse of the, unclear. Form is not clear is, it seemed to for sure is a well-known place. Here's old location, and proceed with the walk. Towards the back of the room, I felt a sign of something. Or person of, or the animals are. I felt the light from the outside of the window. So, for the first time at that time, it was noticed that there is a window in the room.
Further, a cold wind blew. Where it was stopped. Was because it was found that the identity of the sign. I was Satoshi' that can not exist any more.


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