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What to write

What to write

I think the method of writing everyday impressions is surprisingly interesting. However, it alone is unsatisfactory. Weak appeal. It will be necessary to reflect on what is pleasing. By all means, I am concerned about the habit of conversion of the Japanese input system. If you write longer sentences, will conversion accuracy be improved? I am making an erroneous transformation from writing.
People have to think about what they think are interesting. I first tried to start observing everyday life. I think I will continue the work of writing everyday impressions from tomorrow. If you read back, it will give you some hints.
Even so, it is noisy. I wonder if this noise is managed. It might be good to start with such a fantasy. Thinking about it, I used to have similar irritation in the past. Will it feel somewhat better than before, as my sense got dull. Still, when you think about things, intense noise from the outside enters, this environment is terrible. Even if it is terrible, there is only this environment. Even if I say Mashi, it is somewhat better.
How do you draw your own sad life. How do you grasp it? Even so, I do not like how misconverted is done. Should we introduce another Japanese input system? SKK? Or if you continue to use as it is, will conversion be learned? Or should you try to properly register your dictionary? Nonetheless, there are not so special terms, but since misconversion is occurring in very basic terms, it will not be a problem that can be solved with dictionary registration etc.
In the long run it will be said that I am novelistic. However, at this time, there is no demand for old-fashioned novels. Then, how can we do it? For entertaining. Are you seeking a story? Empathy? Is it really so? Pleasure. Does it have to be something pleasing? A church Drinking shop? Why do people go there? Ask a fundamental question. Looking for a person? What kind of people are you looking for? Your own figure? Others as a mirror reflecting desire. Who will affirm me? A person who admits existence. Are you looking for someone who will recognize yourself as a worthwhile thing?
I muttered with a mirror. Will not it be useful for others to draw the persons that they are seeking? Work that is not just to make fiction. Illusions made with pictures and words will accept desires and will be recognized as valuable. Why do not you think about making such a thing?
When I was thinking about such a thing, I heard a banging sound from the outside.

Writing old songs, going forward.

It will not be more than 20 years ago. It will be flowing from the car stereo. Hysteric lady’s voice. Certainly, I think that I heard that this woman became ill. What do you think the Lord of this bothersome car thinks is singing this song?


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