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A Day after the storm

A Day after the storm

Hot days continues. Last night was a storm. I am sleepy and today I am vague. What will happen if I write the floating words in my mind while I am idle. Is the emotion moving? Malaise, pity, discomfort. Is it such a place? I feel uncomfortable with the bad reaction of the computer system.
On television it reports the scandal of Princess Diana. It seems strange to report hard about the deceased Crown Princess of another country. The residuals of the British Empire?
I find that quoting these media is different. Nevertheless, I can not write my daily work. I think that writing personal circumstances is also unavoidable. Where I went there, it might be a sightseeing spot, a restaurant, a party, but I would like to confirm that I am happy by recording such a thing, Is it a blog?
I also hear that blogs are being used even for corporate advertisements. In this case Oita, is not there a lie? Aside from any kind of falsehood, what is being said is the goodness of the company and its employees.
By the way, I found an article reporting on sexual discrimination of Google employees who are appealing to be the best company in the world. I wonder if that is true. Is it fake news?
Quoting has to check its validity. Here, if you quote a variety of news reports, you must verify the authenticity of the report by yourself. If you are going to write something, you may take the trouble, but here I do not think about such things. It is aimed at recording the daily heartfelt. It is likely that the information on TV, newspaper, and net will affect that mental phenomenon, but I’d like to take a posture to capture what is being influenced rather than drawing the origin.
There is a doubt as to whether it is worthwhile for others to write an imagination, but I decided to declare it here. I tried to believe it. Where I was wrong, it does not mean that someone’s bosom is in pain. I am not asking for investment. Is not it your own thoughts?
In other words, it is not directed to anyone, it is a word that is directed to ourselves. I will come out to say such words. It is self - discrimination. Just separating is boring. I’d like to seek an interruption.
I thought that something new words would come out, lined up words as expected, but it seems that it is not such a sweet one. Still, there is only trial and error. I mutter that I have no choice but to write.


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