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She was overlooking the street.


She may have had a feeling of premonition. It seemed to me that she was hesitant. She shaved off her hesitancy and got off to the city. In order to do what she should, she walked around.

Absent, no one

There was no one in that town. When she overlooked this town, there were no people’s lives to imagine. If there is no one, there will be no one who was the subject of the execution order.
She thought that the order was wrong. It was written that the person is in this town in the order. Yet, there is no one in this town. She thought that it is a mistake itself to be executed.
She eventually looked for this small town without leaving. There was no one. She wanted me to look down the street once more.


There was nothing I had imagined. There was nothing I expected. Since I thought that she was doing imaginary imagination, she felt bitter smile that fancying itself was always false.
She thought that the law enforcement agency that ordered the execution knew that he did not live here. Law enforcement agencies may have ordered, knowing that no one is in this town. Maybe, she thought, that person would not exist in the world, the law enforcement agency must have ordered the execution of a human that does not exist in this world.
If orders are issued, remuneration is always paid. Instead, the instructions must always be executed. The order is absolute. It is not permissible to give up. Execution execution agent, if received an order, must continue looking for that person until it dies.
What if the order is wrong? That was not supposed, yes she thought. There is no such thing. There was something that was impossible, but that was not to be done.
This instruction will never be executed. I have to keep track of things that do not exist forever. That is impossible. Do not execute the instruction. This is impossible. In that case, is not it nor this?
There will be nothing. She will not be there either. She should have thought that she should not be there. I am thinking about things. I am waiting for the passage of time. That means she is. Existing. Again, she thinks so while looking down the town where there is no one, but also notices that no one agrees with the correctness of that. Sea breeze and sunset may admit that she is here.


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