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Although it is reasonable

It is a good thing, but it is a continuation of what I continued with. I thought that it is reasonable to assume the reader in detail. No matter how much data it is, what comes out of the analysis is only the past. It is not suitable for creating something not yet seen. If emphasis is placed on data analysis, it is not an enlargement but a tapering.

People change. Desire changes. It is only a person in the past that can be assumed. Right now, is not it impossible to make use of any data? This is also a story that there is enough ability to utilize the data. Is not it rare enough that a person with that ability exists in this world? We must also talk about human beings with no such ability. Scenes that must be claimed to be useful in this world come. Rather than assuming what kind of opponent it is, it may be more useful to standardize or tag themselves.

It is only self-specification after all. However, if you draw yourself that you will self-regulate from various angles and comply with various standards, the possibility of encountering with someone who is seeking something will come out.

To that end, I think. It is necessary to ensure distribution. It is a place to meet. Is the market more appropriate? Get a place to be exchanged and circulated. Or, to make that way. Let us consider the distribution method and exchange method for the time being, first, think that it is standardization.

Categorize yourself. Tag it. What sort of capabilities are there, qualifications, academic qualifications, employment history, and that can be said as standards in the modern labor market? But that is the present situation and the past. It is not essential. At first glance, to say useful, ability to see useless, incompetent, to say ability. Although it would be various ways to standardize, tag and distribute it, to express ambiguous ability of ambiguous self, its idea was first, it was a word.

Although I do not know what it is useful, I do not know what it is useful with a question of whether it is possible to explicitize ambiguous ability of ambiguous self, while keeping methods and means undecided yet, I want to believe somehow old-fashioned thought-like attempts, such as whether it is useful, useful, or not useful. However, is not it okay to just try trying, is not it good alone? I misunderstood that there was a word at the beginning.


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