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I write free to write things that come to mind. Distrust of search words. Hope for accidentality. The value of worthless words. Antonym, paradox. Language and power. Fragmented words, unconnected words.


Behind the scenes. Rounded back. Distant memory, close memory, US military aircraft. Roar. Unreadable words. Wasted words. Repetition. Experiments and concepts.

What something connects words you do not connect

Is there such a transparent word? What words are covered with dirt and not cloudy? Is not it a word because it is cloudy? Lightness and pollution of the words of people who words are important. You must swim even in the dirty sea. Apparently it seems to be a condition of raw.


It is a lowly existence. Only disdain is given. Do self-regulation like that. I think that it is not worth to me if it is necessary to live. However, as it is worth living itself, I do not think there is a need to ask for a way of living that is worthwhile, and there is no need to ask the meaning of living. Living thing itself has meaning. And writing such a thing has no choice but to write.

Just a word

A word that is sought, a valuable word, not such a thing, just a word. Just because a certain life sought a word, if only I wrote a word to imprint it, some word that somewhere might be someone to find comfort in that word.

Useless, no value worth

Do not assume that you read. Is there anything that you can understand just by looking at it? Sometimes I think it is fun to watch foreign languages ​​whose meanings are unknown. It is boring to wield meaning, value, usefulness, marketing, consumers and plausible words. If it is boring, it may be unavoidable. But, if it becomes ugly, how about as a person? And, in the meantime, I am seeking value. I am seeking the usefulness of beauty.

A walk of vision.

Dancing people. I am watching smartphone. Silence dance. Silent dance. A quiet and quiet Bon dance.

Person who is unrelated to the space that exists

Human beings have nothing to do with the place. Always live only by relationship with power. I live in an illusion. I am living only in obsession. A person who lives only in idea regardless of reality. I live only in the computer network. DoCoMo, the line, Google, take over the parent-child relationship. Friendship, take over affection. Perhaps people who are dissatisfied with it may be crazy. It is quiet and quiet, as long as it is dominated by the network. Do not think about thinking. Let’s amplify the words required in the network. Do not think about it.


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