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Light creeps up from the thigh to the chest. I felt conscious that she was watching like that. It seemed like my tongue, but consciousness and body are different things, and if there was a physical body, thinking that it would not divide so much, so what is this she is I keep asking the doctrine of dozens of things. Apart from the consciousness of identifying light and self, there is consciousness overlooking her that gazes at the light and its gazing presence. That image is this.
Whereas the consciousness that appeared before crawled on the floor and stared at her legs, this consciousness stared at her chest from the ceiling. She did not notice this gaze and it was here. It seems that there is nothing to notice from now on. Floor and ceiling things will only look unilaterally. You may have envy in your consciousness to be stared back to her. You may be jealous. While feeling division and loneliness, each consciousness drifts, despairingly desire, or whether it should be called lust or not.
I wonder what will happen if I try to get closer. Are you thinking about grabbing it? Or are you asking for contact? A caress? Nothing will come true. It is mere consciousness, and that consciousness is the same as her. Dream, vision, should it be so? If the consciousness was made a ghost, or if it should be called a soul, if such spiritual thing was done, the thing that the spirit dreams is nothing but the flesh, and the craving body emerged as a craving life It turns out that.
If this is a dream, everything will be a dream. Naniwa is a dream again, a dream, a long time ago, since life has been fleeting, as a dream, it has been done, after all, now this place of this place, this vision is a vision Even if I conclude that it is, of course, is it natural?
Even if it has the same weight as the one produced by the body, as if it is an illusion created by the soul, if the phantom vision is said to have actually played, if it is said to be playful, the real thing as a playful of play I’d like to affirm that I will win. So, although each consciousness, though it was made as a soul here, unexpectedly, even though it was simply consciousness, I reconsidered that it might be better than saying a ghost or the like, but it became quite badly written, but this division Those conscious thought, lustful, agony, puzzled, and such things have happened to what they produced.
Which is vision, which is consciousness, or is it a spirit, which is a fantasy, or a space where distinction is lost, each of which continues to claim itself as reality. In reality, it can be said that time resolves. However, if it is said that none are reality, this interlocking gains eternity.


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