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# Only the face floats.
A face comes up, but the name does not come out. I think that there is also the opposite. In the head of someone, only my face on the past is floating. I have neither name nor episode. It's just a face. I am wearing a uniform. It seems to be a classroom. I do not know whether it's junior high school or high school. There is something like the difference of each emotion. This may be a thought. It was also a thought at that time, and I am still thinking now. I repeated such words.

Where did my face come up? I wonder if it is on a commuter train. It would be fine if you thought with nostalgia, but it may be thought of with hatred. At first, there was no episode, only the face was floating, but after a while episodes were recalled. It's a bad episode. That's why he thinks he forgot. A miserable episode that I really did not want to recall. I think that it brought about that misery, it is a guy. But, in fact, it was an episode unrelated to me, misunderstood as someone else's, and stuck to it. In this way, I am grudged by nothing at all.

Further mistake will continue. That person's memory associates another name with my face. The Lord whose name is also unrelated to that person's tragedy. In the memory of that person, my face who got another name seems to have increased hatred. My thought that my face, which is a young man, should have been so abhorrent is overwhelming, but thanks to another name, that hate no longer heads to me at the present moment. Instead, I headed for a person who just got the name floating.

It is a convenient world. If you search on facebook, people with that name were found. He thinks that it is obvious that he has a common friend. From my point of view, nothing is obvious, but I thought that person is obvious. Originally it began with lazy memories. Even though the photographs of people with only that name resemble my face of memories, they do not seem to have looked the same. Thus my face completely disappeared from that person's memory. A photograph of a person with only that name goes back and overwrites my face in that person's memory.

People who only have names do not dream that they are grudgingly grudged, accept friendship applications. In any case, there is a memory in the name only person. In high school summer vacation, memories I enjoyed playing together happily, I feel nostalgic, and surely I will send a message feeling that people who only have names can drink this time.

Who is that person, who first thought of my face, the miserable memory of that person. To tell the truth, I hear that he did not understand. It was said that the face seemed to be hateful. Was it a face of my young age, or was it the current face of a person who was just a name, well I do not know well there. In any case, he says that he admitted that smile on his face.


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