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faces 2

Only the face floated, continuation

Listening to it, I thought of a different thing. He remembered his miserable memory until recently, but I thought he had forgotten at the shock that caused the thing. When thinking about doing things, the memory that motivates among them should have been clear. Even if it is a false memory, unless there is a memory of a person who only has a name and that person as a character, it is difficult to think that it will affect such things.
But, truthfully, I wrote that I think that I wondered what happened to him for a long time, probably I think that the cause has existed to me, perhaps. I was trying to the extent of the violent outrage that I could not speak to him as much as possible, and I completely forgot about it, not only I but also everyone forgot it, And, as the person himself was forgotten, after arranging the unknown quibrium which did not have its outrageous abuse, after self-justification, but it was not that it was not, I will notice it once again. Anyway, things have happened.
Yes, I think. Anyway, things have happened. Even though there was a mistake, there was oblivion. Even if there was originally nothing.
The beginning of things is the face that I surfaced. A face with no name was given a name, and the face also changed. If the face did not change, what happened? I will not live, I will live in that person’s name, with the name of that other person.
I talked to you after a long absence, I saw it on the face of that person, I remember my name. While I talk old, my memory and my memory do not match, after a while I heard the nickname that was sent to me by me, I think that it is not me but a different person. The other party seems to have mistaken me for someone else. I have a real name, but I am a person of that person ‘s belonging to that nicknamed another person.
A nicknamed person was doing terrible things to him. I remembered that. I remembered that nicknamed person disliked me.
With the person who had been talking to after a long time, as it was, I parted without incident. Then, in a few days, possibly a few months later, I forget both the name and the nickname, remembering my face, the supernatural tragedy of a nicknamed person was superimposed on me, the memory of that hatred got runaway, eventually the wrong name After recalling, searching on facebook and finding a person with the name, my face and the face of a face book person were exchanged, I sinned and gave a resentment to the person in that face book, and , Why do you know that this tragedy has occurred?


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