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Kitchen And Legs

A kitchen

There is a woman in the kitchen. Where are you going to do the laundry or are you finished washing? I’d like to think about it for the moment when I finished washing. The date is August 21, 2017, the time is 6:30 am, the place is Tokyo, which is the rendering simulation of this CGI. After all, it is a leg. Altered? Is it paranoid? Bunuel like? It is a leg than a foot.
I wanted to say something unreasonable that she came out of the washing machine. What was missing in the laundry, took in the laundry and became a person. If you are asked what happened to your shoes, it is already a forgotten thing that the thing that seemed like a washing machine must be like a time machine, that washing machine was touched by itself . It is not like a time machine, whether it is a time machine, no, no, it is not connecting the present, the past, the future How about the doorway with the different world, and this kitchen is the different world. I came up with such an appropriate thing, so I tried writing it as I thought.
In other words, it flowed from reality Tokyo to the other world Tokyo, through the washing machine. As I was doing the laundry, the operation of the washing machine was over, when I tried to take out clothes, it became dressed like a drag in the washing machine, when I noticed, I understood what was going on Although it knows itself, although it came out from the washing machine and came out to the kitchen, the kitchen seems to be familiar, and it seems to be familiar, it is a place not familiar, and hour and minute He seems familiar to himself, and he has become a body he does not recognize. Approximately, the clothes are different. Sex is different. Even if you remember it, it is not yourself, it’s not your home kitchen.
By saying that, I will follow my memory. When I looked into the washing machine, I felt like I could see my eyes in the laundry. There was something shiny, but I thought it was an eye for some reason. My spine became cold, but I could not have such a thing, I got better feelings and stretched out my hands to the laundry, which has become such a thing. Surely something was flipped. Whether above and below, sex, age, myself who was supposed to have been watching the heaven and the earth, are seen, the time I was watching?
In other words, it is yourself that has this leg, but you are also the one who is watching your legs. And who is there in the original place? No, neither this place nor the original place may be different. What is different is my own consciousness, what is going on, what I am doing, when I considers consciousness wrong, if I keep asking questions, I will not get to the correct answer.


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