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She looks down at the city.

She overlooks the activities of people. She is compassionate for people’s wisdom. She was feeling superior, irrespective of people’s writing. The feeling of superiority approaches gentleness. She thinks that kindness and superiority are the same. She imagines the life under this.

Imagine life.

I thought that it was tragedy. The couple, parents and children, grandfather grandmother, intertwining, intertwining, joy, sorrow, anger, frighteningness, humility, such as the affection of hateful, hateful, desire, people’s relationship with several families, From the outside, I feel the wind when I asked who she is watching.

Wind from the sea

At that time, her thoughts stopped. Her idea changed. She thinks that her thoughts have been blown in the wind and shed. The sun sets the profile of her profile. Her ideas flow twisted.
The sunlight warms up and illuminates twisted thoughts. It shines strangely.

The place is high, but it is despised.

I was looking at it from a high place. Only one person was planning to see the whole. She thought of himself like a god. The idea came round.

I am contempting, but I am contempting.

She is not accepted by anyone spread under it. The fact that she is irrelevant to anyone means that no one has been admitted to anyone. And yet she asks herself what she is supposed to know, why he is in this high place.


She was ordered. I am paid by obeying the order. That order was to take away someone’s life. That person is in this city. But I did not know where I was in this city. It’s a small town, soon understood, she thought so.

What to do

She thought that it is not the case where she was indulging in extra thoughts. Do what you need to do. I thought that I had to find out where he was. There is nothing to think about. As usual, is not it just to do what you should do, so she continued the words heading to herself, yet he realized that she himself was hesitant to find out.
Certainly, it has repeated over and over again. I get rewards that are too much. I also hear what it means for this order. I know that it will benefit the world. She was, as it were, executioner. She was ordered by a strict law enforcement agency. She was an agent of justice.


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