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the adveture

I do not want to write a novel, but I think whether a novelist is necessary. Is it also called a story? In order to feel interesting as reading, it is necessary to make it think that something happens and what will happen to that end?

It is a lot more than a novel, but if it is arranged, it is a play rather than a novel, but the first settlement is a composition of poetry, like a poem, and so on.

Many of the sentences of the blog are modeled on the essay composition method. There is a conclusion of what, it is a sentence composition to prove it. Write a conclusion in the head, present the argument, compile the argument, and write the conclusion again.

The essay statement is clear, but it is boring. I know the conclusion. If you can sympathize with the conclusion, you can pay attention to proof, but if you can not sympathize, proof etc, no matter what. In other words, the sentences of this hand are only friends of the same idea, nodding so. The same kind gathers. Therefore, it is effective for advertisement etc. It can also be used to become a power person in the village.

In the meantime, I think this sentence is interesting what you are thinking, what you are going to, where you are going, and what seems to be like that. Rather than a story, the writer is adventurous, the reader is also adventurous, is it such a thing? I can not see the conclusion of this sentence though I write this way now. Somehow, write out, and now I'm trying to connect with me where I should land.

Adventure? Speaking of adventure, Sherlock Holmes floats. When I saw the title Sherlock Holmes' adventure, it was about childhood, but the adventure I had hoped for was imagining a figure standing all over the unexplored land full of muddy mud. Perhaps it was that the child was amplifying the figure of Naomi Uemura, an adventurer who was being told on television. Compared to that imagination, Holmes in the book is not adventuring! I thought. Where the client came, I know about things. To go to the site, there is no change in the first Holmes and the last Holmes, which is not adventure at all, only to confirm its conclusion.

I heard something interesting that the main character is in change. It seems that at the beginning and the end of the story, it is not fun that the main character does not change. Holmes is Holmes from the beginning to the end, although it seems like a subjective problem, to have what the hero changed with what.

I wonder if I can write a view that the detective of the detective story is not the main character, so I wrote so far. The protagonist of Holmes' adventure may be a client of the incident.


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