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The shape of affection

Form of affection (continued)

Helping people in need.

Crisis situation

Stockholm syndrome, rather than the suspension bridge effect? Can you say that the situation is the third person? In this way it is possible to omit the person who becomes an enemy. It can also be like a battle with nature. Assuming an enemy like an animal or a monster, if it is, it becomes close to a horror.
Near nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons, typhoons, earthquakes, fires, panic movies. Towering Inferno. Can Dai · Hard also be included in the genealogy of panic movies?
What is a crisis situation that is not common? Do you need the opposite question? Even though it is a familiar everyday situation, nothing crisis is not common as fiction. It is not leaking out of the story industry. Well, it raises the question of whether it will be interesting at the same time.

Daily crisis

Fall off the stairs. Fall from the cliff. Traffic accident. mistake. Saying wrong. Wrong mistake. Payment mistake. Reporting mistake. Business mistake. Mistake. A fall from the station home. Snatchery. Transfer fraud. robbery. Car thief. Vandalism on the car. Noise of neighbor. Nuisance acts of neighbors. Opposition. harassment. Harassment at work. workaholic. unemployment. Relegation. Window by side. Affair. Cheating. divorce. Lost. loss. Loss Bullying. Traffic violation. Cut off coffee. A clerk turns over food and drinks and puts it on customers. The runner is injured. Lost child. A lost dog. Stray cat. An annoying animal. Pests, pests. Construction. Road construction. Construction work. A newly built house, a house under renovation. Ruins, abandoned houses. Food poisoning. punk. Bicycle accident. Bicycle thief. Shoplifting. Drunk. quarrel. Lightning, heavy rain, tornado. Watersides, mountains, riverside, beachfront. Warehouse town. Pier. boat. Summer beach, sea house. Pool. Summer festival, Yukata, fireworks. Dancing person wave. musics. Electric shock. Power outage. Talk of a conversation. Ghost story.
Listen as you thought. I do not mind lacking concreteness, leave the floating words intact. Dropping, falling, falling, losing, injuring, illness, poor physical condition. Lack of sleep. insomnia. jealousy. Envy, sorry, what is starting from where you say.
From abstract to concrete
lost articles, lost articles
Drop a wallet. Lose your smartphone. Drop smartphone into toilet. Laundry. tire. umbrella. Jewelry, watch. Document. Book. Will not it be a crisis situation that lost things? If it is a smartphone, will you call a moderate crisis? That means smartphones are not the most funny. Is next the wallet?
I lost my umbrella.
Night on the rain. Song of RC Succession. A home path that you notice that you have forgotten your umbrella on the train. Borrowed vinyl umbrella. I turned back to the fact that he discarded the cheap descent of the lent man to the train.


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