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Unattended Street

Cloudy weather.

Garden tree sticking out to the street

Imagine the noisiness and elegance.

Gateball preparation

Only two people are preparing. Each is working at the edge and the edge of the park. No, it looks like it’s working, but one seems to be looking for clothes or something from the luggage I brought to the bench.

# Car parked by the park

Perhaps it seems to be the car of the person preparing the gateball. Besides that there is no emblem near the park. To the place that hits the entrance of the house of another person, I have stopped wonderfully enough to admire it to be an obstacle to traffic. I think life experience and maturity are unrelated things.

White car stopped in front of the kindergarten

Parents and children pass by the side. If everyone is in the community, it may be fine for people to gather, but for those outside the community, gathering of those people is nothing but a nuisance right. Therefore, I thought that such things as opposition of nursery school construction would be said.
Whether people gather is necessary, whether it is a good act seems to be another story. Sometimes it seems like such things do not go wrong when people gather. Every one, individually, I listen frequently that people are ineffective, but when people have the power, it becomes troubled with that.
Just like a quiet residential area without any other people, there is a child pavilion where there is a person’s presence only there. Other neighboring houses are quiet, to the extent that people do not know whether they live or not. This place is far away from the park I wrote earlier. It can be said to be another town. Still, as the sight that I saw on the same day, I was connected.

Parent and child climbing a slope

It seems that there are people of such kind that the existence of others is frustrating. Should it be the existence of some kind of other people? People with such frustrations set off attacks for various reasons. Beating, killing ….., Looking at a happy parent and child, I thought about what made it desolate a lot, this was also far away from the previous place, different time on the same day Things.
A massive murder that had been a year ago, that it might be a commonplace rather than a distorted idea, that it is a very human being who simply looks at others as useful, ineffective, clean, dirty, good and bad. It may be because I repeatedly touched the criminal’s report of the incident and I am thinking about such a thing. Were not the media reporting on Donald Trump, did not the lives of many people be lost?


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