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To the shape of love

If you are drawing a form of affection

Preparation for concrete work. To paint human goodness, you must draw malice. To paint love, you must draw hatred. As entertainment, when you feel love, what makes you comfort, what is healed, when you put these words together, you feel like you become a bad person. Lovers, consolation, healing stuff, there are many fraudsters who use this word embarrassedly. Will it be a crook? I hate it. However, there is also “supreme love”. Is it a fraud or sincerity?
Three people
Constitute at minimum. Affection does not necessarily head to people. We also love animals, plants, landscapes, cars and railroads. If it is supposed to draw affection for things other than human beings, is it good alone? No, another person is needed to draw contrast with that affection. Then, at minimum, are they two people? A person who loves affection for itself and a person who hates itself. It can also be said that the subject of love is not treated for that person, but treated like a person. To name it is also its appearance. It is said to be anthropomorphic. Do you think so, should this be three people, not two people? Even if it is a thing that directs affection, it may be said that it always becomes a person.
Thus, I will conclude. It is necessary to have three people to draw love. A person with affection. The object to which affection is directed. A person embracing enmity against that subject. I will set a policy to write events made up of these three people.

Compassion and sexual love

Or draw the charity, or draw the sexual love, or, or to think that both two sides of the same coin, what is also regarded as a form of affection thing called friendship, parent-child affection, or, or draw what you like with it, man and woman of sexual love, man and a man of sexual love, a woman and a woman of sexual love, monsters, Mononoke, demon of sexual love, is the form of a variety of love floats. Is it said that obsession, obsession?
Let’s decide that the negative thing will not be a theme. It is used only as a control for drawing positive things. It is the focus of drawing love, goodness. To draw What are you trying to do? What would you like to do? Such a question arises.
Spell a diary in a fictional form. That’s how it is. The form that the mind is recorded. That’s how it is. Record daily indirectly. Even though you take it yourself and have meaning, what about others? As entertainment, if there is emotion, will it be established? Really?

# # Desire and affection

Subject of desire and subject of affection. Relationship between desire and love. Love afflicts as a desire to accept. Because I feel desire, affection will spring up. Affection directed to myself. Multiple personality trend. Affection directed to alter ego. A variant of self love. Is it positive? Does it lead to goodness? A positive thing approaches a negative thing. The more positive it is, the more good it is, the more demonic it is.

# # Things God worship.

Hands, legs, chest. clothing. shoes.

Spreaded words

Infectious words. What would you like to tell others, what would motivate you to do? I feel like I gained. The word of becoming a good mood. Therefore, it is close to fraud. Is there a way to avoid this?


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