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She remembers forgetting her umbrella in the train. It is a vinyl umbrella. The bones were bent. It was what I borrowed. She thought that it might not be denied if she was told that she was not forgotten, she promptly walked in the night road towards the house.
Rain suddenly falls at the time of dusk of work, when it rains suddenly, when you are looking at the sky under the eaves near the building’s exit, the man who came out of the building, use this, hand out that vinyl umbrella It was. Immediately after receiving it unintentionally, as soon as I started thinking, I ran into the rain instead of an umbrella with a bag on my head. If it is said that this umbrella is a symbol of good will, its benevolent bones are bent. If this umbrella is a symbol of affection, the bottom can be seen through.
The rain became stronger and the wind became stronger. I do not think that an umbrella will be useful. I entered the building and decided to wait for the rain to stop. The wind stopped in about 20 minutes, and then the rain stopped. I still headed for the station with an umbrella I borrowed from a man who can not remember who I was.
After that, I thought that I was on the train, I thought that, after all, I thought that I had thrown out that umbrella, she noticed, almost when I came in front of my house That man was standing wet with snow in front of me. At the moment he saw his full smile, she did not know and cried.
A woman’s voice echoing in the night road, people in the neighborhood appear. The man ran away. She also ran in the opposite direction. I heard a voice like that guy, catch it. While rubbing each other, shouting at each other, striking each other, feeling behind such a disturbance, she recalled who the man was, running into the house.
But that was an incorrect way of saying. I remember only the voice. It is only fragments of conversation. A few days ago, a corner of the hall, a meal back to the acquaintance, the voice of a man calling her name turns back, so it was a familiar face, so I answered the word after a long absence from the other party Deaf can not remember what kind of face it was at that time, really was that smile when I handed out my umbrella, that smile as I saw in the previous night road, was not it different? , And remembering that there might be a way to approach a strange woman who is doubtful whether it is the same as a man who lent the umbrella, No, I called her name, surely called her name, but nevertheless, thankfully, the voice and the voice when I lent my umbrella were definitely the same. Loving voice filled with affection.


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