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Windows Creators Update

Wi-Fi is unstable after updating Windows.

Asus is the same as Acer, so it’s probably a Windows problem. Is not the wireless driver wrong? I do not know whether Dropbox also has problems or not. When I thought about it, I did not let it work after updating to Creators. Since it started without any problems, should it be solved by rebooting? It may be a problem with booting from sleep. Anyway, conversion recognition of this Japanese input system called Mozc is strange. Mac also does strange conversion.
Compared to that, Windows is excellent. Is it the result of competition with ATOK? Competition should have been Mac or Linux, but ATOK in either environment does not reach Windows ATOK. Well, that’s why I bother paying for such things, so it’s unnecessary, is not it yet? If you input Japanese, Windows may be the best. If you maintain the dictionary firmly in magazines etc., I have seen what I have written about the Japanese input environment of Mac and Linux, but Windows does excellent translation without doing dictionary maintenance etc. It will do.
While doing so, the Windows PC was started. The wireless network seems to have been recognized without problems. The Internet was also connected safely.
As I wrote so far, I became interested in posting this sentence on my blog. Although it is still not what anyone sees in the practice of blogs themselves, since it is publicly available for the time being, I think that I have to write something appropriate.
I wrote this sentence for the purpose of practicing Japanese input in Lubuntu Linux, which is about two months after starting to use. As I wrote several times, Japanese translation has not stabilized because I just started using it. Sometimes, it makes me worried about making a bad conversion. It probably does not match the rhythm of your input. According to this Japanese input system, I am changing the rhythm of my sentence input. Thanks to that, at last, such conversion has increased. I was wrongly converted at the place I wrote.
Return the strange story. The PC that writes this sentence now is Asus’ old netbook. Although Windows XP was preinstalled, it had been released for a while since its support expired, but I installed Lubuntu Linux that it works nicely on a non-powerful PC whether it is good for writing blogging texts . I am satisfied with the behavior as reputed.
Well, the Windows PC that is still in trouble is Asus’s, the CPU of Core i 3, the notebook PC when Windows 8 was announced, the liquid crystal is touch-enabled correspondence. Liquid crystal, was not it about 11 inches surely?
Updated as recommended by Microsoft, it was Windows 10. Creators Update came without being applied easily, just the other day, if I thought that it would take time to update without much awareness, it was updated to Creators. Since it was not activated so much, but yesterday I got an e-mail with instructions to send the material, because the document was in this Windows PC, I was surprised because it was too late. Turning it on again today, the network can not connect. It is up to that.
I tried restarting the Windows PC and noticed, but it took more time to boot than before. Originally it took a long time. There is no help for it because it is booting from the hard disk. Because there are many cloud tools, it can be seen that the synchronization overlaps at startup. Still, I am in trouble because this behavior is so dull. Furthermore, if you start up from sleep, if the radio fails, it will not be usable. Do I have to think about something?
GoogleDrive seems to be the most severe load at startup. Nonetheless, it can not be impossible not to activate this. WindowsDefender seems to be the best system load today. Because there is Norton, the basic operation should be stopped, but it is working. I wonder if something changed. Is there the biggest cause here?
Although it was originally a powerless machine, it has been used as it is. Well, I’m going to finish today, while admiring that these kind of sentences will be lengthened quickly, what kind of things will be comfortable if I do it.


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